Concrete kitchen island and concrete countertops, House 6 by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

Announcing the New

The new has just launched and WOW are we excited! The site hosts a huge collection of materials on concrete design, fabrication, products, and of course, how-to instructions for concrete countertops, furniture,  and small beginner projects. We could drone on and on about all that is new at, but figured a quick tour would be more fun and effective.

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How-to Center

Concrete Pigments | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Options abound when you learn how to blend pigments for custom concrete colors

Find step-by-step instructions on concrete furniture building, custom color development, and polishing concrete countertops along with many other guides for the expert concrete craftsperson and beginner alike. The how-to center is neatly organized into eight major categories.

How To Make Concrete Countertops
Seal and maintain Concrete
Concrete Furniture Projects
Concrete Mixes and Additives
Concrete Color, Pigments, and Stains
Forms and Mold-Making
Concrete Polishing and Grinding
Small Starter Projects

Hands-on Training Calendar

GFRC Concrete Sink Casting | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Students learn how to cast fiber-reinforced concrete sinks in training

Ready to get your hands dirty?
Visit the Hands-on Training Calendar often and stay in the know about where and what we’ll be teaching. In addition to the main event trainings, we now offer an entire schedule of free classes at our store in Berkeley, CA. Our next free training — Concrete Countertop Form Building — will be on 3/7/2015. Be sure to call 800-877-6052 to reserve your spot.

Design Gallery


Elegant Integration of Walnut and Concrete by Yves St. Hilaire in Squamish, BC

Mark my words, this will be the most popular section of our entire website. The new architecture makes it easier than ever to explore hundreds of concrete project photos and find design inspiration. The design gallery is organized into eight individual galleries.

Concrete Sculpture
Water Feature

In addition to the eight categories listed above, you’ll be able to sort the entire collection using tags like award winners,  sinks,  integral drainboards,  walls, and many more.     

The Exchange

This is a blog that you’ll definitely want to follow and check in on regularly. You’ll find news, articles, and insights about decorative concrete, concrete countertops, and concrete products.

Concrete Color

Custom Concrete Color Samples | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Concrete Color sample made with Pro-Formula Concrete Countertop Mix

This is going to sound overly dramatic but I have to say it. The concrete color section was an epic concrete task. We spent many months casting,  polishing, and meticulously sealing over 400 concrete color samples – and that was the easy part. The hard part was staging, lighting, and photographing each of them, at the exact same angle, followed by hours of post production work to color correct every image. But don’t take your computers “word” for it, each monitor displays color differently which is why we strongly recommend making your own samples before starting any project. We hope you find this part of the site as useful as we do. The standard concrete color section is organized by type of concrete mix and the custom color formulations are separated into color groups.

CHENG Pro-Formula Concrete Countertop Color Samples
CHENG Outdoor Concrete Pro-Formula Color Samples
CHENG D-FRC Concrete Color Samples
Surecrete Xtreme Series Concrete Color Samples

Grey Formula Samples
Brown Formula Samples
Yellow Formula Samples
Green Formula Samples
Blue Formula Samples
Red Formula Samples
Violet Formula Samples

Find a Contractor

Concrete Dining Table by Kerr Concrete Design | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Concrete Dining Table by Kerr Concrete Design – Evanston, IL

Remember when I mentioned that the design gallery will be the most popular section of Well that’s because designers, architects, business owners, and homeowners alike, flock to each day in search of inspiration for their next renovation or build.  Once they’ve finalized the project plans, theres only one thing left to do — hire a contractor who can transform their vision into reality.  There are only a few contractors listed at this time so, if you’re a contractor or concrete artisan, take a moment and signup for a free 6 month trial. Large format pictures of your work will be center stage on your profile page along with many more enhanced listing details to help you meet new customers.

We hope you enjoy the new design, user experience, and content as much as we do. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook where we’ll keep you up-to-date on all that is new and exciting at CHENG Concrete Exchange.

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