3-Day Comprehensive
Concrete Countertop Training
5/19/16 – 5/21/16

All of The Most Popular Concrete Casting Methods in
One Concrete Countertop Training

Price: $2,250

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This 3-day Concrete Countertop Training is hosted at Concrete Exchange’s NEW location in Concord, California. You’ll learn application methods for the most popular casting techniques such as GFRC, precast, and pour-in-place concrete countertops. Each class project is designed to familiarize participants with today’s most popular trends in concrete countertop design and fabrication.

6 Concrete Casting Methods in One Concrete Countertop Training

  • Traditional Precast – Pro-Formula Concrete Countertop Mix
  • Integral Sink Vanity – CHENG D-FRC Mix
  • Hand-Pressed/Packed Countertop – Surecrete’s Xtreme Precast Mix
  • Simulate Travertine Marble – Surecrete’s Xtreme Series Products
  • Pour-in-Place Countertop – CHENG’s Original NeoMix Countertop Kit
  • Recycled Glass Countertop – Surecrete’s Xtreme Series Terrazzo Mix

This Training Covers it all From Form to Finish

  • Template kitchen cabinets
  • Form walls, sinks, and drainboards
  • Custom coloring with pigments and stains
  • Decorative aggregates, mosaics and inlays
  • Mixing , pouring and spraying concrete
  • Vibrating and consolidation methods for concrete
  • Sealer application featuring acrylic, polyurethane and polyurea products

Register for this training if:

  • You are expanding your current business to offer concrete countertops.
  • You are starting a concrete countertop or custom precast business.
  • You are an ambitious DIYer looking to jumpstart a project.
  • You are a concrete countertop fabricator looking for more profitable casting and sealing methods.
  • You are expanding your concrete countertop business into the high-end or luxury market.
  • You are a furniture maker or sculptor who creates with concrete.

What does my investment include?

  • 3 full days of training at a Cheng Qualified Facility
  • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily
  • Session limited to 15 participants
  • Complete training manuals
  • All materials used during training
  • CHENG Certificate of Completion
  • Audio, video and still photography permitted.
  • Light continental breakfast and daily catered lunches

Discount Pricing and Special Offers

  • If you are on active duty military service or a veteran of the United States Armed Forces or National Guard, your cost for this training is $1,450.
  • If you are registering as a group of two or more people your cost will be $1,950 / each.

Price: $2,250

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