Concrete Color, Pigment, and Stain

Controlling the finished appearance of concrete requires the skillful management of many different variables. From the selection of raw materials used in a concrete mix design to the final materials and methods used to seal and wax a concrete countertop, every decision impacts the final appearance.

How to Manage Concrete Color
Concrete Color Management | CHENG Concrete Exchange

The main influence on the finished appearance of a concrete mix is the color of the cement. Portland cement is available in both white and grey. Concrete mixes using white cement and pigment will yield colors that range…

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How to Make Concrete Color Samples
Make Concrete Color Samples | CHENG Concrete Exchange

In this guide we’re going to take a close look at how to create custom colors for adding to the concrete mix prior to placement. The concrete is often referred to as “integral colored concrete” with uniform distribution…

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