How to Make a Rhomba Concrete Bench

Rhomba Concrete and Wood Bench | CHENG Concrete Exchange

This bench, designed by Fu-Tung Cheng, is easy to make in either fiber-reinforced or traditional wet-cast concrete.  The end pieces support a wooden seating section which can be made from a range of wood species.  The concrete end pieces are formed with melamine-coated particle board which is also readily available from our local lumber supplier.  If you’re careful when de-molding, you should be able to reuse the form for many castings.

Project Difficulty

One: Forming

Rhomba Concrete and Wood Bench - Forming | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Use quality materials when building this form to insure the form can be used for multiple castings. This form was used for over twenty castings.

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Two: Casting

Rhomba Concrete and Wood Bench - Casting | CHENG Concrete Exchange

We prefer to hand place the fiber reinforced concrete mixture onto horizontal surfaces and allow a few minutes for the recently placed…

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Three: Demolding

Rhomba Concrete and Wood Bench - Demolding and Polishing | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Carefully dismantle the form by removing all the drywall screws before extracting the concrete casting and take precautions to assure the….

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Four: Finishing

Rhomba Concrete and Wood Bench - Finishing and Bench Top | CHENG Concrete Exchange

For our Rhomba Bench we decided to use cedar 2 x 4’s that were available at our local lumber yard and relatively affordable.

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