Rhomba Concrete Bench


Surecrete’s D-FRC or Surecrete’s Xtreme Precast mixes are perfectly suited for casting the Rhomba concrete cubes. The key to successfully casting each cube is to work at a moderate pace and not rush the process. We prefer to hand place the fiber-reinforced concrete mixture onto horizontal surfaces and allow a few minutes for the recently placed concrete to stiffen before rolling the form and placing concrete on the adjacent surfaces.

Step 1 – Hand-Pack the Form

  • This form is made to be hand-packed with Surecrete D-FRC Casting Mix.
  • Hand-pack one side of the form at a time. It can help to pack the bottom of the form first, about 1/8″ – 1/4″ thick.
  • Rotate the form, packing the surface that is horizontal. This way you’re not fighting gravity.
  • Be sure to pack up to the top caps on the form, and then pack a second or third layer to build up the walls until they’re 3/4″ thick.
  • After the form is packed, it needs to cure for 24 hours before Demolding.
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Use quality materials when building this form to insure the form can be used for multiple castings. This form was used for over twenty castings.

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Carefully dismantle the form by removing all the drywall screws before extracting the concrete casting and take precautions to assure the….