Simulated Stone Concrete Countertops


Apply water-based stains with an HVLP sprayer to add random color variations and simulate the natural appearance of stone.

What You’ll Need
  • Surecrete Eco-Stain

Step 1

  • Surecrete Eco-Stain can be applied at full strength as shown here or diluted with water for lighter shading.

Step 2

  • Full-strength Eco-Stain is being applied with an HVPL sprayer.

Step 3

  • In these photos we are pouring the Eco-Stain directly onto the concrete surface and working the stain into the countertop using a “wash” method.

Step 4

  • Eco-Stain can also be applied with a spray bottle.
Previous: Veining Method

Surecrete’s Veining Compound adds the right amount of color where you need it while baking soda is used to add texture to the countertop surface.

Next: Sealing

To enhance the colors of this concrete countertop we’ve selected Surecrete’s PC12 Sealer. It’s gloss finish and stain resistance are perfect for this job.

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