Design Notes by Fu-Tung Cheng

Concrete Bathroom Sink, Floor and Tub Surround by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

How to Use Concrete For Designing a Bathroom Shower

Bathrooms: Going Beyond Countertops and Into the Shower Q: What is the feasibility of casting a concrete shower pan? Is concrete too porous to be cast in a concrete shower; can it be sufficiently sealed and stabilized against cracking? We think it would look fantastic, but have come up empty-handed as to whether it would work. I do not recommend …

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Concrete Countertop and Kitchen Island by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

Primary Considerations for an Island Countertop in Kitchen Design

A kitchen island stands alone. It is a gathering spot. It commands attention, it is usually the functional and aesthetic center of a kitchen. An island countertop, by necessity, is the “star” of the kitchen and demands an understanding of what constitutes good design in the context of the whole environment. When approaching the design of an entire kitchen, for …

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Curved Concrete Countertop | Concrete Exchange

How to Draft Curved Concrete Countertop Pieces

Curved Concrete Pieces: Drafting and Design Considerations
Q: How do you smoothly draw out curves for islands, countertops, and curved walls? What are the main functional considerations when designing curved pieces? If you are referring to simply outlining the perimeter of a random curve-shaped countertop, you can do that in numerous ways: Rough out the shape you want by drafting “french” curves on notebook-sized graft paper. Make …

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Curved Concrete Shower Wall by Jake West | Concrete Exchange

Designing and Building a Curved Shower Wall

Q: What are some suggestions for building a concrete wall in a shower and how can I achieve a smooth curved piece? Building a concrete bathroom shower can be a tremendously creative endeavor, especially when you have ample space at hand. However, as mentioned in my article Bathrooms: Going Beyond Countertops and Into the Shower, concrete has its limitations when …

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Concrete Kitchen Island by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

Good Concrete Countertop Design

The Work of Skilled Artisans is Rooted in the Art of Design More Than Just a Countertop I began teaching countertop-making in February of 2002, shortly after the launch of my first book, Concrete Countertops. What began as classes to gage the amount of interest on the narrow subject of concrete countertops has progressed and evolved into a movement toward …

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Concrete Bathroom Vanity Top by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

Concrete Countertop Details

Custom Edge Treatments and Simulated Rock Details Q: How can I successfully integrate a “chipped” edge or “torn paper” drainboard effect into the overall look of my concrete countertop? As with any “look” we wish to achieve with concrete counters — or any other medium, for that matter — it helps to understand why we like the look and what it refers to. A chipped …

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Charcoal Colored Concrete Countertop by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

How to Design with Concrete Color

Balancing Your Statement with Nature’s Timelessness Color is about visual relationships and what makes our world vibrant. Choosing colors is generally the last and most difficult choice when making design decisions; it’s always easier to work on the space, the plan, the shape, and all the details of a project in a black-and-white world before considering color. It’s like staging …

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Outdoor Concrete Seating Area by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

Nature: A Concrete Contemplation

Calm Inspiration in Contemporary Times Whenever I travel to Europe and Asia, I see art and architecture crafted and merged into so many of the buildings and homes. There exists a sensibility in art, craftsmanship, and design that we associate with works of the past. There is so much detail to appreciate everywhere—and so much expression. In the art of …

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Kitchen Concrete Countertop by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

The Infinite Styles of Concrete

One Material Has You Covered From Traditional to Modern. Quick Tour of Concrete. Concrete has been used for centuries to form all sorts of structures and surfaces. Most people think of it as an exterior material for large bridges or skyscrapers, public sidewalks or roads. In fact, concrete has extensively been used as a decorative and structural material in architecture and building in our recent …

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Concrete Kitchen Island by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

Making Vertical Concrete Walls

A Monolithic Sculpture and Functional Concrete Kitchen Island A monolithic pour of a wall and countertop is an exciting and completely rewarding undertaking. There is an undeniable impact when the wall and the counter it supports are fused into an integral, sculptural form. Working with concrete from a sculptural, rather than just functional, perspective elevates the value and emotional appeal …

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