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Smooth Operator

World-Renowned Designer and Best-Selling Author Introduces Best-in-Class Professional Polishing Pads

BERKELEY, CA (July 30, 2007) — Fu-Tung Cheng, award-winning residential designer and bestselling author of Concrete Countertops and Concrete at Home has just announced the newest addition to his concrete countertop product line: CHENG Professional Polishing Pads. At 4 mm, this new pad boasts a 60% increase in polishing surface.

Cheng’s company, Cheng Concrete Exchange (a division of Cheng Design Products), has partnered with Canadian-based Interstar Corporation in developing this extension to the CHENG portfolio of quality concrete design products. Interstar is a recognized innovator in the manufacturing of pigments, admixtures and fibers for the concrete industry.

In expanding the already extensive CHENG Concrete Countertop product line to include this professional-grade polishing tool, it will only help improve the performance and ease-of-use of all CHENG proprietary products.

“Yet again, we are leading the way by developing and offering cutting-edge, professional-quality products for the concrete industry,” said Cheng. “Along with our partner, Interstar, we are introducing best-in-class products for both the professional and do-it-yourselfer. Our goal is to provide the best — and the most complete — set of tools for everyone.”

Measurable Results

As part of the complex development process, Cheng and his team of product development professionals subjected the new pads to rigorous lab testing. The results were not surprising — this next-generation polishing pad outperformed the industry standard at a remarkable rate. When compared to standard polishing pads in a three minute controlled polishing test, the 50 grit Professional Polishing Pad cut 81% faster and the 400 grit Professional Polishing Pad cut 271% faster.

Improved Performance

In addition to stellar test results demonstrated by this new product, Cheng’s entire line of next-generation concrete products has been dramatically improved and rebranded under the CHENG Concrete Countertop Products line and the partnership with Interstar. This line provides the industry’s first comprehensive, high performance line of concrete countertop products that will yield consistent, professional results. Other marquee products in the portfolio include: CHENG Pro- Formula Mix, CHENG Slurry, CHENG Sealer, CHENG Wax, and CHENG Polish.

Instruction is Best

As part of his education process, Cheng always advises first-time users to read Concrete Countertops and review the Concrete Countertops DIY Instructional DVD before starting any concrete countertop project. Great concrete products combined with great concrete knowledge can yield fantastic, inspired results!

It’s Showtime

Cheng’s newest products and training seminars will be featured at the Concrete Countertop Institute Conference, October 25-27, 2007 in Charlotte, NC. In addition to serving as a showplace for CHENG products and training seminars, Fu-Tung Cheng has been selected as this year’s keynote speaker.

About CHENG Concrete Exchange

Cheng Design Products, Inc. was launched in 1998 to bring Cheng’s aesthetic embodied in concrete countertops and unique kitchen hoods to homeowners, designers and architects. In 2003, Cheng Concrete Exchange, a division of Cheng Design Products, was developed as a comprehensive online resource center for professionals, DIYs, designers, and homeowners interested in designing with concrete. Also in 2003, Cheng, who has been designing with concrete for over 25 years, began teaching workshops in Berkeley, CA, on the design and crafting of concrete countertops.

“Concrete allows for highly sculptural designs in countertops, something not really possible with two-dimensional materials like granite or stone,’’ said Cheng. ’’But, there’s a shortage of craftsmen able to design and build them. We hope to address this shortage with our training programs and full line of specialty products.’’

CHENG products are currently available at the Cheng Concrete Exchange online store and select concrete and building supply retailers throughout the U.S.

In addition, the website,, offers information about and imagery of Cheng’s design projects as well as concrete countertop products and workshops. For information on Cheng Design Products, please call (510) 849-3272 or visit