Round Tabletop and Base


What You’ll Need

Watch how the two mold haves are assembled and a layer of casting blend is sprayed into the mold. Plus see how the seams are reinforced with fiberglass scrims. Around 120 pounds of concrete go into this table base.

Step 1 – Hand Lay Up

  • After the face coat has been sprayed, the backer coat can be hand-packed into the form until the total thickness is about 1″.
  • Wait until the face coat reaches a plastic-like consistency. It should begin to set before applying the backer coat.
  • In a warmer shop environment, the face coat will set up quickly. In a cooler environment, it will take more time.
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Each half of the form is initially cast separately to allow efficient placement of the fiber reinforced concrete mix before the forms  are seamed together.

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3/4″ melamine and EPS foam are used to shape this 48″ diameter table top. The table also has a hole in the middle to accommodate a large table umbrella.