Park Avenue Bench and Planter


Excavating the rigid foam from the planter boxes is a time consuming process but worth the effort. Be sure to preserve the forms for future use.

Step 1 – Remove the Formwork

  • Unscrew the angle iron from the casting table and begin removing the formwork.
  • To avoid chipping or spalling, do not pry on the concrete!
  • After the formwork is removed, begin digging out the foam using a prybar.

Step 2 – Continue Removing Foam

  • After the majority of the foam has been removed, you can move on to finishing.
  • The PVC pipe can be cut down with a saw and left in place.
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Sakrete 5000 Plus and CHENG’s Outdoor Concrete Pro-Formula are used to cast both the planters and the bench top to assure fade resistance.

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Sealing your concrete planters and bench will help them hold up to the rigors of mother nature and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.