Park Avenue Bench and Planter


Sealing your concrete planters and bench will help them hold up to the rigors of mother nature and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Finish and Seal

  • Knock down any sharp edges using diamond hand sanding pads.
  • Seal the individual pieces using CHENG Concrete Countertop Sealer.
  • Fill the ends of the bench with soil and plants and then place the bench top.
  • Make sure the bench ends are on a flat, level surface or they might crack over time. Shim the ends if necessary.

Completed Park Avenue Bench

    Design Variations

    • Photography by Lawrence Missakian.
    • The bench top can be made from wood, concrete, or even metal. The size of the knockouts on the bench need to change accordingly.
    • The depth, height, and width of the planter can be changed to better fit the environment where the bench will be installed.
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    Excavating the rigid foam from the planter boxes is a time consuming process but worth the effort. Be sure to preserve the forms for future use.