Park Avenue Bench and Planter


Step 1 – Prepare for Casting

  • Secure the forms to the casting table using angle iron or angle aluminum. This will help maximize the efficiency of the table vibrators and secure the forms, so they do not vibrate off the casting table/bench.

Step 2 – Pour the Concrete

  • Turn on the table vibrators.
  • Fill the form evenly so the concrete doesn’t dislodge the knockout.
  • Force the concrete down to the bottom of the form, making sure it fills in around any decorative details.

Step 3 – Cover and Cure

  • After the form is full, smooth the top surface.
  • Cover the form with plastic and allow to cure for 5 days.
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The bench top is just 2-3/4″ thick and spans more than 30″ between the two planters. Heavy reinforcing with rebar and mesh is what keeps the bench intact.

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Excavating the rigid foam from the planter boxes is a time consuming process but worth the effort. Be sure to preserve the forms for future use.