Greenbrae Chair


Step 1 – Spraying

  • When spraying vertical surfaces, it’s crucial that you don’t spray too much material in one place or it will slide down the wall.
  • Spray thin coats, and move on to another zone, allowing the first to dry slightly.

Step 2 – Chip Brush

  • Use a chip brush to force the concrete into the edges.
  • Do this in between every coat you spray.

Step 3 – First Coat Finished

  • After the first coat is sprayed, allow some time for it to dry before spraying the next coat. This will depend on the temperature in the shop, but 10 minutes is probably enough.

Step 4 – Second Coat

  • Spray the next coat, building up the total thickness to about 1/8″.
  • Use the chip brush to press the concrete into the edges of the form.
  • Make sure the side walls around the perimeter are sprayed. Turn the form to make them easier to spray if necessary. Be careful not to bump around the form too much, the vibration can disturb the previously sprayed coat and can start “running”.

Step 5 – Ready to be Packed

  • After the face coat is applied, the form is ready to be hand-packed, in a few stages, to the full thickness of 1 inch using the backing blend.
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This complex mold is expertly detailed in the instructional drawings available in our store. This mold can be used to cast many chairs.

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Apply 3/4″ of structural backing over the face mix to complete casting the chair. Don’t skip the fiberglass scrim between structural layups.