Greenbrae Chair


Step 1 – Hand-Pack

  • If the mix seems too wet, let it sit for a few minutes, it will stiffen up a bit and then try packing it into the form.
  • Work on the horizontal surfaces first, then begin building up the verticals.
  • On the vertical surfaces, lay the material on very thinly, about 1/8″. Any thicker and it may not stay up.

Step 2 – Place Fiberglass Scrim

  • Fiberglass scrim appears at 1:21 in this video.
  • Fiberglass Scrim is placed between the lay-ups of backing mix for additional reinforcement.
  • Place two seperate layers of fiberglass scrim in all the angled seams of the chair.

Step 3 – Finish Casting

  • When the piece is packed to full thickness, use a trowel to smooth the back side flat.
  • Cover with plastic and allow to cure for at least 1 day.
Previous: Spraying Face MixGrenbrae Concrete Chair - Spraying and Casting | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Spray 1/8″ of face mix onto the form surface using either CHENG’s DFRC or Surecrete’s Xtreme precast system. The consistency of these mixes are ideal for this project.

Next: DemoldingGreenbrae Concrete Chair - Demolding | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Carefully remove the chair by disassembling the form and taking care to not damage either the form or the chair in the process. Congratulations you did it!