How to Make an Outdoor Concrete Chair

Greenbrae Concrete Chair | CHENG Concrete Exchange

The sleek Greenbrae Lounge Chair is perfect for kicking back in style in any outdoor setting. Build multiples of this chair to create a sectional for your outdoor retreat or make just one as a sculptural statement.

Made entirely of CHENG D-FRC, the ultra-thin walls of the Greenbrae Lounge Chair defy conventional expectations of concrete. Weighing in at only 100 lbs, the Greenbrae Lounge Chair is heavy enough that it stays “put” in high winds and light enough to easily move around with the help of a friend.

Project Difficulty
Very Hard

One: Forming and Mixing

Greenbrae Concrete Chair - Forming and Mixing | CHENG Concrete Exchange

This complex mold is expertly detailed in the instructional drawings available in our store. This mold can be used to cast many chairs.

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Two: Spraying Face Mix

Greenbrae Concrete Chair - Spraying and Casting | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Spray 1/8″ of face mix onto the form surface using either CHENG’s DFRC or Surecrete’s Xtreme precast system. The consistency of these mixes are ideal for this project.

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Three: Place Backing Mix

Greenbrae Concrete Chair - Mixing and Casting | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Apply 3/4″ of structural backing over the face mix to complete casting the chair. Don’t skip the fiberglass scrim between structural layups.

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Four: Demolding

Greenbrae Concrete Chair - Demolding | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Carefully remove the chair by disassembling the form and taking care to not damage either the form or the chair in the process. Congratulations you did it!

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