Fabric Formed Concrete Fire Table


After finishing, the piece can be placed on location and the burner can be installed by a certified professional.

What You’ll Need
  • Stinson Fire Table Instructional Drawings
  • 19″ Burner Assembly
  • Control Box

Step 1 – Install Burner

  • Drop the burner in place and install the plumbing.
  • A certified installer should always be consulted during the installation of a gas fire table.
  • This fire table was built during our 3-Day Advanced Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Training.
  • During the next 3-Day training, we built a similar fabric-formed piece, but smaller in scale, and with shorter walls, making it easier to produce.
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After the piece has cured for 12-24 hours, it can be removed from the formwork. Before demolding, the project is ground flat on the bottom edge.

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In a subsequent training we decided to create a smaller fire feature with lower side walls to reduce the time we spent laying up the higher walls.