Bent Concrete Side Table


Wait 24 hours before attempting to demold this project. The legs will continue to be delicate until the concrete has reached full strength in seven days. Use diamond hand polishing pads or a grinder to clean up any rough edges and to level the legs.

Step 1 – Demolding Tips

  • Wear rubber gloves during demolding. The oils from your hands will leave stains on the fresh concrete.
  • Remove the supports first, then loosen the rubber mold from each leg and let it drop to the table. The piece will release easily from the rubber mold.

Step 2 – Clean Up the Edges

  • Break away excess concrete from the edges and sand with diamond hand pads.

Step 3 – Grind the Legs

  • If necessary, grind the bottom of the legs so the piece sits flat.

Step 4 – Caring for the Rubber Mold

  • Cleaning: The mold should be cleaned after each use with a soft cloth, water, and a mild soap if necessary.
  • Storing: Store the mold flat, indoors, out of the sun (UV light will deteriorate the rubber), and maybe with a light coat of Pol-Ease mold release.
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Our favorite sealer for projects shaped like this is the CHENG Hybrid Sealer.  The sealer allows us to slowly saturate the concrete with penetrating acrylic.