Pressed Concrete Countertops


A 5/8″ layer of backer mix is now placed on top of the pressed face mix. The backer mix provides necessary structure to the fragmented face mix.

What You’ll Need
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Trowel
  • Surecrete Xtreme Series PreCast Mix
  • Basalt Fiber
  • Surecrete PreCast Modifier

Step 1 – Build up Thickness

  • Lay in the backer mix until the total thickness of the countertop is at least 1″.

Step 2 – Fill the Form

  • Spread the backer mix around until the form is full.

Step 3 – Build up Walls

  • Build up the edges to about 2″ thick.

Step 4 – Trowel

  • After the walls are built up, trowel them flat to the top edge of the form.
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Press approximately 3/8″ layer of crumbled mix onto the bottom and side walls of the countertop mold before placement of the backing mix.

Next: Demolding

Roll the casting over onto foam strips before lifting the base off of the countertop to reveal a randomly pitted surface. Ready to slurry?