Pressed Concrete Countertops


Roll the casting over onto foam strips before lifting the base off of the countertop to reveal a randomly pitted surface. We take extra caution to protect the edges of our countertop from chipping or spalling at this point.

What You’ll Need
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Alpha Diamond Hand Polishing Pads
  • Alpha Wet Core Drill Bit

Step 1 – Remove Side Walls

  • Remove the foam side walls by prying them away from the form.
  • Clean up any sharp edges with a coarse diamond hand sanding pad.

Step 2 – Flip the Countertop Over

  • Flip the countertop over, placing it on scrap pieces of styrofoam.
  • Remove the baseboard by pulling up on it.

Step 3 – Cut Hole for Plumbing Penetration

  • The plumbing penetration can be cut with a diamond drill core bit.
Previous: Structural Backer

A 5/8″ layer of backer mix is now placed on top of the pressed face mix. The backer mix provides necessary structure to the fragmented face mix.

Next: Slurry

Mix a contrasting-colored slurry with water to a toothpaste consistency. Spread the slurry around the entire surface, pressing it into the larger voids.