Pressed Concrete Countertops


The hand pressed casting method provides you with lots of opportunities to have fun with color. Feel free to choose complimentary or contrasting colors for the slurry. We decided to play it safe and use a contrasting light color for the slurry.

What You’ll Need
  • Plastic Putty Knife
  • Quart Mixing Container
  • Surecrete Xtreme Series PreCast Slurry

Step 1 – Mix Slurry and Fill Voids

  • Mix a contrasting-colored slurry with water to a toothpaste consistency.

  • Spread the slurry around the entire surface, pressing it into the larger voids.

  • Scrape away excess slurry with a putty knife.
  • Fill any low spots with slurry and scrape the surface even again.
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Roll the casting over onto foam strips before lifting the base off of the countertop to reveal a randomly pitted surface. Ready to slurry?

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XS327 Polyurethane Sealer by Surecrete is one of the most exciting new sealers to hit the market in a while and we were excited to try it out.