Pressed Concrete Countertops


XS327 Polyurethane Sealer by Surecrete is one of the most exciting new sealers to hit the market in a while and we were excited to try it out. You can find the most up to date application method on the product detail page.

What You’ll Need
  • 6″ Paint Roller
  • 6″ Foam Roller Cover
  • Quart Mixing Container
  • Paint Mixer Attachment
  • Cordless Drill
  • Surecrete XS-327 Sealer

Step 1 – Prepare Sealer

  • Refer to the Guide for full instructions on applying Surecrete XS-327 Sealer.
  • Mix 3 Parts A : 2 Parts B.

  • Mix 3 Parts A : 2 Parts B.

  • Mix for 3 minutes using a paddle attachment on a cordless drill.

Step 2 – Pour and Roll Sealer On

  • Pour the sealer on the countertop.
  • Roll it on using a foam roller.
  • Keep rolling until the sealer is uniformly distributed.
  • Push the foam off the edge.
  • Continue rolling with light pressure.
  • Switch to a dry roller if necessary (to soak up extra sealer).
  • Keep rolling until any small bubbles in the surface are gone. Keep moisture in the roller and use less pressure until you’re happy with the surface.

Step 3 – Allow to Cure

  • A full cure is achieved between 5-7 days at 75 F.
  • Apply additional coats if necessary.
Previous: Slurry

Mix a contrasting-colored slurry with water to a toothpaste consistency. Spread the slurry around the entire surface, pressing it into the larger voids.