Green by Design: Concrete is Local, Renewable, and Recyclable

Though many people still think of concrete as being used for foundations and sidewalks, this amazing material is now commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms in the form of concrete countertops.

When you make a concrete countertop with your own hands, you are doing yourself and the earth a small favor. It’s greener, more affordable, potentially healthier, and a lot more fun than buying monotonous granite countertops that are mined, fabricated, and shipped by boat from faraway countries. Other countertop choices, such as stone composites, are manufactured in factories from mineral particles and epoxies and trucked hundreds of miles to a fabrication shop, and then, finally, to you.

Nothing is wrong with those other countertop materials. Each has benefits and limitations. In fact, combinations of dissimilar materials can make them more interesting while spicing up what can be a relentlessly uniform array of surfaces. But, by making your own countertop [or having it done by a local contractor or fabricator], you have fun, create something unique, save lots of money, and shrink your carbon footprint to boot.

Excerpted from Concrete Countertops Made Simple Book & DVD Guide.

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