CHENG NeoMix DFRC Featured in High-End Retail Display

Concrete Decor’s Natasha Chilingerian has written an article about a long-time CHENG Concrete customer, Jeff Kudrick of JM Lifestyles and their project from Selfridges in London, England with Concrete Design Studio. The project consisted of 8 decorative concrete display tables that were about 20 feet long, 3 feet high and 3-8 feet in width. Jeff used custom made fiberglass molds, then sprayed and hand-packed the NeoMix DFRC system, then finally sealed it with Surecrete’s ARS 400 sealer and applied Surecrete’s Surefinish surface wax.

To learn more about this project and how they made these tables, visit Concrete Decor’s website to read more.

“This is a testament to what decorative concrete can do,” he says. “The architect knew no bounds and designed something really radical, and we were able to deliver the product with this material based on what they had in mind.”
– Jeff Kudrick, JM Lifestyles