Quadra Fire Pit


Overview Video
What You’ll Need

Step 1 – Grind the Top Edge

  • Grind the top of the concrete until it’s flush with the top of the form.

Step 2 – Remove the Form Walls

  • Remove the form walls and the baseboard. Place the concrete on sawhorses or pieces of scrap foam before removing the knockout.

Step 3 – Remove the Knockout

  • If the knockout won’t easily release, use a 2×4, some foam, and a few clamps to help pry it out.

Four: Ready for Finishing

  • After the piece has been removed from the form, sand away any sharp edges with diamond hand pads.
  • The formwork can be re-assembled and reused.
Previous: Casting

The high vertical layups require you to take your time and insure previous layups are firm enough to support the full wall thickness while casting.

Next: Finish and install

After removing the Quadra Fire Pit from it’s form, we recommend polishing the surface of the concrete to remove texture left by the melamine form surface.