Greenbrae Chair


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What You’ll Need
  • Greenbrae Chair Instructional Drawings

Step 1 – Form Details

  • This form is open on one side, unlike a traditional concrete form that would need to be capped.
  • The fiber-reinforced concrete mix can be sprayed in the form and hand-packed to the full 1″ thickness.
  • The edge pieces along the perimeter are there to help you maintain the right thickness.
  • The tall wall on the left in these pictures is removed when the piece needs to be demolded.
  • Every time the form is re-assembled, it needs to be caulked to make it water-tight.

Step 2 – Form Construction

  • The casting surface is made from 3/4″ melamine-coated particle board.
  • The rest of the form is made from 3/4″ plywood, braced with 2×4’s, and assembled with drywall screws.

Step 3 – Prepare for Casting

  • After the form is assembled and sealed, clean it up with denatured alcohol.
  • Placing the forms on saw horses will elevate it and make spraying easier.
  • The form can be rotated or flipped depending on what surface is being sprayed or hand-packed.
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