Hand Mixing Concrete

Small batches of concrete can easily be hand mixed in a wheel barrow to avoid the cost and inconvenience of a motorized concrete mixer.  We’ve heard of some customers mixing up to 120 pounds of concrete in a single wheelbarrow but really think a 60-80 pound batch is ideal for mixing with this method. Hand mixing concrete batches over 80 pounds is arduous and difficult to insure its consistency.  The size of the wheelbarrow doesn’t matter, but you’ll need a mortar hoe or a flat shovel to mix the concrete.

Step 1 – Add Dry Material

Mixing Concrete in a Wheelbarrow - Step 1 | CHENG Concrete Exchange
  • Add the DRY ingredients to the wheelbarrow (Sacked Concrete Mix, Dry Pigment, Dry Water Reducer, Fiber, or any all-in-one Admixtures).

Step 2 – Blend

Mixing Concrete in a Wheelbarrow - Step 2 | CHENG Concrete Exchange
  • Blend the dry ingredients until homogenous.
  • Break up or throw out any hard clumps that can’t be crushed by hand.

Step 3 – Add Water

Mixing Concrete in a Wheelbarrow - Step 3 | CHENG Concrete Exchange
  • Measure out 3/4 of the recommended water (along with any liquid pigment or liquid water reducers).

Step 4 – Mix

Mixing Concrete in a Wheelbarrow - Step 4 | CHENG Concrete Exchange
  • MIX the concrete with a mortar hoe or a flat shovel.
  • Using a mortar hoe: Pull the concrete toward you and push it back, scraping the bottom of the wheel barrow.
  • Using a flat shovel: Scoop and turn the concrete over on itself.
  • Add the remaining water gradually as necessary and thoroughly mix. There should be no dry pockets at this point.
  • Scoop up wet concrete with a bucket and begin filling your form.

Step 5 – Cleanup

Mixing Concrete in a Wheelbarrow - Step 5 | CHENG Concrete Exchange
  • Spray out the wheelbarrow with a garden hose, but don’t let the water run down the drain because it contains active cement.