Recycled Glass Countertops


Casting a recycled glass terrazzo mix is very similar to casting ordinary concrete with one notable exception – the aggregate is really sharp. The crushed glass will tear through thin latex gloves so for this casting we’ll use heavy duty rubber gloves for protection.

Step 1 – Combine Liquid Modifier and Pigment

  • NOTE: Mixing should be done outside, and casting should be done inside.
  • Wear a particulate mask and disposable gloves while mixing.
  • Shake the Liquid Modifier well before pouring it into the 15 gallon mixing bucket.
  • Add the entire bag of Indigo Pigment to the bucket of Liquid Modifier.
  • Blend with a paddle mixer to thoroughly blend pigment into modifier.

Step 2 – Add Terrazzo Mix

  • Add 1/3 bag (16 lbs.) of Terrazzo Mix to pigment and modifier blend.
  • Vigorously mix until all the concrete mixture is thoroughly blended and free of lumps or unmixed material.
  • Occasionally scrape material from the sides of the bucket with a trowel, mixing thoroughly.
  • Continue adding Terrazzo Mix 1/3 bag at a time, repeating the above steps until 1 entire bag of mix has been added and fully blended.
  • As the terrazzo mix is blended into the modifier, the mixture becomes thicker; hold the paddle mixer firmly to prevent kick-back.

Step 3 – Add Recycled Bottle Glass Aggregate

  • Add 25 lbs. of recycled blue glass aggregate into the terrazzo mixture and blend with paddle mixer until all glass is evenly distributed.
  • Always wear a particle mask when working near glass powder or dust.
  • Add another 25 lbs. of the glass aggregate and blend.
  • Add final 25 lbs. of recycled glass aggregate and mix until all glass is evenly distributed throughout the terrazzo concrete mix.

Step 4 – Adjust Mix Consistency

  • Add 2-3 cups water as necessary to maintain a semi-pourable consistency.
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This is a basic 3/4″ countertop slab that requires very little effort to form. We were able to build the entire countertop mold in less than 1 hour.

Next: Casting

The same vibrating methods are used to precast recycled glass countertops and traditional concrete countertops. This guide uses two Vibco US450T vibrators.

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