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I came to concrete from the most pragmatic of origins.  Beginning my post high school career by working for a high-end bay area residential contractor, I saw a fair amount of structural concrete and flat work.  My fascination with concrete always existed, but it was only after my “first pour” that I started to think about possibilities and become compelled by the fluidity and sculptural qualities of the material.

The first time I saw a fabric formed DFRC sink at a CHENG training, my world was forever altered.  Now almost every project I complete has some element of fabric forming either in its construction or my design process.  All of my fabric formed pieces come from a mold that is flexible and not made rigid with plaster or hardener so that the concrete and the formwork work to shape each other.  My goals are to push the boundaries, elevate this ubiquitous medium as far as it will go and share my passion and love for concrete.

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618 E. 11th St, Oakland, CA 94606

Areas Served

 Alameda County
 Contra Costa County
 Marin County
 San Francisco

Concrete Specialties

 Fabric Formed Cast Concrete
Precast Concrete Countertops
Concrete Sinks
 Fabric Formed Walls
Structural Columns
 Lighting and Decorative
 Integral Sinks

Awards & Accomplishments

Structural Fabric Forming – Mark West, University of Manitoba
 Concrete Countertop Training – CHENG Concrete Exchange
DFRC Training – CHENG Concrete Exchange