Concrete Doctor


Concrete Doctor is a bonded and insured company specializing in restoration services for all types of indoor and outdoor architectural concrete. Owner, sculptor & artisan Jud Smith has been working in the concrete countertop industry for 21 years. With so many homeowners in need of professional maintenance for their concrete countertops, Jud meets the need with Concrete Doctor.

We restore countertops, sinks, fireplace surrounds, tables or any decorative concrete elements.

Concrete Doctor serves the world from its home base in Northern California.

Concrete Doctor, Sebastopol, CA | Concrete Exchange


4337 Hargrave Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
707 588-0404
License: D6 #1002222

Areas Served

San Francisco, CA
Napa, CA
 Marin, CA
 Sonoma County, CA
 Napa County, CA
 Marin County, CA
East Bay, CA
South Bay, CA

Concrete Specialties

 Concrete Restoration Services
 Restore Concrete Countertops and Sinks
 Fireplace Surrounds and Concrete Table Repair
 Restoring Architectural Interior or Exterior Concrete
 Repairs Decorative Concrete Elements

Awards & Accomplishments

6 years with Cheng Design, including managing the concrete fabrication shop
 Acknowledged for Contributions to the “Concrete Countertops” Book by Fu-Tung Cheng
 Bachelors of Art in Sculpture