Woodform concrete sink by JM Lifestyle | CHENG Concrete Exchange

Woodform Concrete Showstopper at 2015 Architectural Digest Show in NYC

Award Winning JM Lifestyle’s Woodform concrete is featured in Consumer Reports Hottest Trends List along with a glowing review by FuTung Cheng. Take a look at one their award winning Woodform kitchen designs and an award winning bath in the Concrete Exchange Design Gallery or if you’re interested in hiring JM Lifestyle for your next project, be sure to check …

Instructables.com Concrete Casting Contest | CHENG Concrete Exchange

The Third Annual Concrete and Casting Contest is Underway

CHENG Concrete is excited to sponsor the 2015 Instructables Concrete and Casting Contest.  Since inception, Instructables has been a source of inspiration for our team and we can’t think of a better way to thank this generous community of makers than by awarding some kick-ass prizes. Entries are all ready stacking up, so be sure to submit your entry before the deadline on …

Concrete Fire Table by Seth Ernsdorf | Concrete Exchange

Outdoor Concrete Pro-Formula Makes 2012 Debut

CHENG Concrete Makes the Great Outdoors Even Better with New Mix Berkeley, CA (MAY 2012) – CHENG Concrete, LLC, announces the debut of CHENG Outdoor Concrete Pro-Formula, the newest addition to the time-tested CHENG Pro-Formula line celebrating its 10th year as the concrete mix formulation trusted by concrete professionals. Continuing the tradition of high performance standards, the new CHENG Outdoor …

Concrete Countertop and Kitchen Island by Fu-Tung Cheng Cheng Design | Concrete Exchange

Personal Space

Whether it’s a dramatic rethink of the layout or a more subtle fine-tuning of detail, an effective remodel transforms the mundane into the highly personal. Creating visual interest in a remodeling project can be achieved by a thoughtful use of materials and detailing. The trick is to combine the various elements into one harmonious look.

Concrete Kitchen Island by Fu-Tung Cheng | Concrete Exchange

New Ways to Use Less Energy at Home

The Wall Street Journal’s writer Jim Carlton writes about ways to save energy, money, etc. on your home. At the bottom of the article he talks about how concrete countertops are both greener and cheaper from the start when considering to use them in your home. You can learn more by reading the article here.

Concrete Countertop by Jeff Kudrick, JM Lifestyles | Concrete Exchange

Could This Material Replace GFRC?

Concrete Decor’s Emily Dixon has written an article on the CHENG NeoMix D-FRC lightweight concrete mix. She interviewed Mike Heidebrink, CHENG Concrete’s President, as well as, Jeff Kudrick, who has been working with lightweight concrete mixes for 18 years. The article talks about the benefits of this mix and how it is different compared to traditional GFRC. Read the article …

CHENG NeoMix DFRC Featured in High-End Retail Display

Concrete Decor’s Natasha Chilingerian has written an article about a long-time CHENG Concrete customer, Jeff Kudrick of JM Lifestyles and their project from Selfridges in London, England with Concrete Design Studio. The project consisted of 8 decorative concrete display tables that were about 20 feet long, 3 feet high and 3-8 feet in width. Jeff used custom made fiberglass molds, then …

Celadon Concrete Tea Bar and Concrete Countertop by Fu-tung Cheng | Concrete Exchange

Plane and Fancy

The word “counter” originally meant a surface in a business establishment for counting out goods and money. it has grown to mean a surface you can count on in a very different sense: countertops have become essential features of almost everybody’s lives. They’ve completely replaced the kitchen worktable of 100 years ago, and have similarly taken over bathrooms.