Round Tabletop and Base


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What You’ll Need
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Step 1 – Hand-Pack

  • After the entire mold face has been covered by 1/4″ of Face Mix or Casting Mix, you’re ready to place the structural backing mix.
  • A minimum of 1/2″ of structural backing will be added to bring the total thickness to 3/4″.

Step 2 – Hand-Pack

  • Around the perimeter wall we’ll build up a 1″ thickness of backing to create a combined total thickness of 1-1/4″

Step 3 – Tabletop Demolding

  • After 24 hours of cure, it’s safe to demold the tabletop by removing the perimeter wall forms and gently flipping the entire mold base and table top over before lifting the mold base from the tabletop.
  • Do not pry against the concrete when demolding. The concrete is still curing and requires extra care to not stress the concrete.
  • Lightly polish the surface of the table to remove any unwanted variation in color.
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